Great new Azure courses in Pluralsight



Pluralsight recently added recently 3 very interesting courses related to Microsoft Azure technologies and development. Pluralsight offers unique content where world leading experts go deep in particular technology or develop with you set of skills.

I especially like the development oriented courses since we understand the reasoning behind taking important decisions during the design, implementation and releasing of a solution.

Here are the courses:

  1. Building Highly Scalable Web Applications in Azure – This is a must for each cloud developer. There is always what can be learnt for scalability in the public cloud. The focus is on:
    1. Storage options
    2. Caching
    3. Asynchrony
    4. Queuing and Isolation
    5. Redundancy
    6. Fault Tolerance
  2. Cloud Oriented Programming – Fundamental topics for Cloud development are covered in this course such as:
    1. Automation
    2. Telemetry
    3. Exception Handling
    4. Retry logic
    5. Containers
  3. Implementing Cloud Services for Azure Infrastructure (70-533) – This course will help you to prepare for the second step of becoming for Microsoft Azure Solution Architect. The focus is one of the most powerful offerings in the PaaS suite – Cloud Services and includes:
    1. Configuration
    2. Remote Access
    3. In-role caching
    4. Storage
    5. SSL
    6. Configuring domain
    7. Reserved IP
    8. Traffic rules
    9. Multiples web sites
    10. Packaging and Deployment
    11. Scalling, monitoring and collecting diagnotsic data

The content is great. So I hope you will find it helpful!

Thank you!

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