Azure News from Week 35, 2015


Let’s cover last week Microsoft Azure news.

I. Azure SDK 2.7.1 is out.

Azure SDK 2.7.1 comes with important improvements such as:

  1. Visual Studio 2013 now has the same features delivered with Azure SDK 2.7 for Visual Studio 2015 (Cloud explorer tool is available in Visual Studio 2013, support for DreamSpark and Cloud Solution Provider customer accounts)
  2. HDInsights tools for Visual Studio:
    1. Hive Job Operation view
    2. Hive Error Maker
    3. Storm Topology Graph
    4. IntelliSence suggestions for HDInsight update
  3. Azure Resource Manager Tools update:
    1. Better IntelliSence
    2. Virtual Machines automation deployment with in-guest customizaiton
  4. AZCopy 3.2.0 RTM
    1. Support for Append blob
    2. FIPS compliand MD5 setting

For details please check here 

II. Azure Premium Storage expanding to more regions

Azure Premium Storage is available in:

  • West US
  • East US 2
  • West Europe
  • East China
  • Southeast Asia
  • Japan Wes
  • Japan East
  • Australia East.

And in Q4, 2015 new regions will be added:

  • Central US
  • East US
  • North Europe
  • East Asia

More information here.

III. Azure Media Services Java SDK updates

Azure Media Service Java SDK adds supports for:

  1. Content Protection
  2. Support for more entities / operations:
    1. StreamingEndpoint
    2. EncodingReservedUnitType
    3. StorageAccount
  3. Easy configurarion of  AES and PlayReady dynamic encryption for VOD or Live

IV. Document DB SQL query cheat sheet

Document DB is getting more are more attractive service. Document DB query capabilities are getting more advanced and with that the need for guidance for the right usage is also increasing. The team provided Document DB SQL query cheat sheet.

More information can be found here.

V. Azure Backup update

Azure Backup offers new features in IaaS VM backup support as follows:

  1. Support for VM backup with more data disks
  2. Long term retention

More information can be found here.

VI. New Azure IT Workload

A guide for building and deploying Web-based, Line of Business Application was provided by the Azure Team.

It covers the following topics:

  1. Understanding the value of hosting a web-based, line of business application in Azure infrastructure services.
  2. Creation a proof-of-concept configuration or a dev-test environment.
  3. Configuration the production workload in a cross-premises virtual network.

More information can be found here.

VII. Wowza @ Cloud Cover Show

In this episode you will have a close look of Wowza company and media streaming product that integrates great with Azure. Check the video here.

VIII. Azure CDN Updates @ Azure Friday

Very good visual overview of the recent improvements for Azure CDN are presented in this video.

IX. AutoRest @ Azure Friday

AutoRest is automatic generator of client SDK-s utilizing Web API or Azure API swagger endpoints. This project is open source. Check for more details the video.

X. Azure SDK 2.7 @ Visual Studio Toolbox Show

Great overview for Azure SDK 2.7 can be found here.

XI. CDN @ On a Cloud series

This series focus on main concepts of public cloud in very short video episodes. Check the latest one dedicated on CDN here.

XII. Advanced PowerShell Techniques Series

PowerShell is very important tool for management and automation Microsoft Azure. Don’t miss this series on advanced techniques here.

Have a great week ahead!

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