Azure News Week 35, 2015


This was week full of news for Microsoft Azure.

Check the topics I picked for you.

I. New VM-s

Azure announced new family of virtual machines. The power is incredible and now we can integrate Azure Premium Storage as well. Check for details links below.

1.1. Great demo from Azure CTO

1.2. Azure Team Blog official announcement

1.3. GS series support Azure Premium Storage 

II. New updates for Azure Web Job

III. Data Factory integration with Azure Stream Analytics

IV. Migrate from AWS to Azure

Moving from AWS to Azure is important step and it requires good planning. Microsoft provide a high level guide in 4 steps to migrate successfully.

V. Document DB

Document DB is continuing it impressive improvement with many new announcements these week:

5.1. Cloud Cover episode dedicated to Document DB

5.2. Linq provider improvements

5.3. Document DB generally available in Australia

VI. PowerShell

PowerShell is very important for automating Azure deployment and general management. These week we are happy to have very rich content for PowerShell.

6.1. Getting Started Course at Pluralsight 

6.2. The Scripting Guys share many useful PowerShell techniques

6.3.Update for Advanced PowerShell Techniques 
VII. Service Bus

These week we have exciting new announcement for Premium Messaging with Service bus. Also we have very good overview on the main features of Messaging:

7.1. Premium Messaging 
7.2. Messaging Overview

VIII. Partner Administrator on the Enterprise Azure Portal

When we collaborate with Partner that has indirect customers the role of administrator for Enterprise Azure Portal becomes important. More information here.

IX. Azure Documentation Shorts

Very useful short videos covering variety of topics. Please check them here.

X. Building Recommendation Systems in Azure

Recommendations are must for every modern web or mobile application in order to provide great user experience. With these videos you can build and add recommendation to your service with Azure and Machine Learning.

XI. Azure Tour

Join Azure Tour to learn from experts and get unique hands on experience.

XII. VM Boot Diagnostics

New features for Virtual Machines v2 are now live – Console Output and Screenshot support. More information here. With these feature you can find the reason why VM is ending up in non-bootable state.

Have a great new week!


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