Azure News Week 38, 2015


Let’s summarize the hot Azure news for the previous week.

I. Azure Active Directory

The big news was Azure Active Directory B2C. This offering targets end customers and supports major social identity providers such as Google and Facebook.

Excellent article about the public preview can be found here.

Whole new series dedicated to the new features of Azure AD including B2C and B2B can be found here.

Also Azure SQL introduced authentication with Azure AD.

II .DocumentDB

DocumentDB is one of my favorite service in Azure. Recently we have many updates that can be found here.

Moreover, now it is easier to transform data when importing it in DocumentDB. Find more information here.

III. Docker

Docker is becoming a standard for containers both in the Windows and Linus worlds. Check the interview of Corey Sanders with Docker team right from their headquarters in San Francisco.

IV. On a Cloud

On of my favorite series on Microsoft Azure is On a Cloud. These are very short videos focusing on architectural approach for well known problem.

This week we have two new episodes on Dequeue Dynamics and Software Projects.

I am sure you will find useful points in the videos.

V. Web App Performance Testing

Web Apps is another service I use a lot so I am very happy to see new features activated. This time we have very nice integration between Visual Studio Online Performance testing and Web App Portal experience. Azure Friday made great demo on this feature. The recording is here .

However, for advanced scenarios you still need Visual Studio to configure the performance tests. Azure Friday made a second episode covering these uses cases. You can watch it here.

VI. Enterprise Portal

I don’t have so much experience with Enterprise portal of Microsoft Azure so this video was very interesting for me what are the supported features and newly added capabilities. You also can use the billing API-s to have the info accessed by third-party applications real-time so you always know how much you spend and also take proactive measure if you go over certain limit.

VII. Azure Automation

Azure Automation is recently in the news with new features.

Today we are happy to announce the support for normal PowerShell scripts. This unlocks whole new group of scenarios and most importantly reduces the learning curve for writing run books. Read the blog post announcement here.

Also if you are interested in hybrid runbooks you will find useful FAQ section here.

VIII. AzureCon

AzureCon – virtual conference for Microsoft Azure will be held on September 29-th. Book the date! You will have all major decision makers for Azure platform on one event! Spectacular! Please check the keynote line up here.

IX. Azure Cloud Switch

Microsoft Azure surprised everybody last week announcing Cross-Platform Linux-Based Operating System called Azure Cloud Switch (ACS). Read the blog post announcing ACS here.

X. Switch Abstraction Interface

Open Compute Project (OCP) officially accepted Switch Abstraction Interface (SAI) as a standardized C API to program ASIC. Please check here for more details.

Azure is growing at a great speed!

Have a great day!


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