I am happy to announce that we started our collaboration with Dayzure team.

Check my first video for Dayzure showing how in 5 minutes you can  integrate API with API Management here.

In the video we show how by leveraging Swagger  for defining interactive documentation for our Web API, we can import it in API Management (APIM) in seconds.

However, you have to be careful if you have API methods with the same name because this will cause error while importing in APIM.

In order to add Swagger in seconds to your Web API you can use Swashbuckle nuget package.

So to sum up you need to:

  1. Add Swashbucle nuget package to your Web API
  2. Import the Swagger definition of your Web API in APIM
  3. Configure APIM product including your API

Everything in 3 simple steps.

Check the video  for more details.

Have a nice day!


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