Azure Search

Microsoft Azure empowers with great set of services. One of my favorite services is Azure Search.

Here you can find more information about it.

Azure Search help us very easy to index content hosted in Azure SQL, Document DB and from recently Azure Storage Blobs.

For that you need to create index that maps to one of these data sets and Azure Search will index the content for you. You can also configure periodic refresh of the index.

Follow the steps in this great tutorial and you will have index provided by Azure Search for your blobs. Imagine the scenarios you can implement with it. You can have in the blobs documents such as PDF-s or simply JSON. And since Azure Storage is inexpensive you can turn it in your document repository. Limit the access to the blobs and provide information for them only via Azure Search and then based on the user permissions you can issue SAS tokens for accessing blob for a limited time to have secure solution.

Another great way for using Azure Search is to push documents to it from your application and index them based on predefined index. Then you can expose standard search UI for the user to retrieve relevant data or your solutions can use Azure Search as part of its core logic without user interaction.

Azure Search team produced several web resources where you can test the service and understand better the scenarios it covers.

Azure Search Job Portal Demo covers the following features:

  • Suggestions
  • Geo-Spatial search
  • Paging of results
  • All results are coming as JSON so any UI can be applied
  • Search Results Count
  • Scoring and Sorting
  • Faceting and Filtering

Another great web site is Azure Search Samples

There you can see how are implemented:

  • Media Search
  • Geo Search
  • Product Inventory

I particularly like the Media Search since it shows the power of Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

You can use Azure Media Service Indexer that will extract all the text from your videos. Then you can pass this text to Azure Search and enable great search experience. If you have 1 hour long video from Build Conference but you are interested in 5 minutes fragment that discusses let say Azure Active Directory Integration for your favorite Microsoft Azure service you don’t need to lose any more time clicking through the video. Use simply Azure Search for that.

Another great advantage is when you index content in Azure SQL you don’t need to consume database resources to find specific content. You can use Azure Search for that.

And the coolest part for Azure Search is that you can interact with it via RESTful API. So you can integrate with any application that can make HTTP calls. You also can you use .Net SDK.

Azure Search is developing quickly and now you can use Lucene syntax as well. Check more here .

I have the honor to present Azure Search on Tokyo .Net Meet up 6-th meeting and I would like to thank to Charles (the organizer of the Meet up) for giving me that chance doing that.

Check photos from the event below

Check below my presentation from the event

Try Azure Search and enable powerful search experience in your applications!

Thank you!



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