Tokyo Azure Meetup

Hello Everybody,

I am pleased to announce that we are starting Tokyo Azure Meetup.

The idea is to initiate great discussion around Microsoft Azure ecosystem.

We already have great Tokyo .Net Meetup but as you all know Microsoft Azure is not limited to Microsoft own technologies and .Net in particular  but now it covers more and more open source projects.

Also I feel that building scalable solutions to the cloud requires different skills set and I hope to see in the upcoming events great demos that will helps us to build powerful services powered by Microsoft Azure.

Our motto is:

Learn | Share | Enjoy cool demos!

We focus on very practical topics and in the same time our goal is to help everybody to keep with the latest developments in Microsoft Azure.

I hope to see Software Developers, Data Scientists, IT Pro-s  and Business Users in our community so we can learn from each other and share unique experience in the discussions.

Our first event will be on January, 19-th and you can find more information here. The topic is Azure PaaS Overview.

We already have 18 people coming to the event and we are waiting for you as well!

Join the Tokyo Azure Meetup here.

Let’s learn more about Microsoft Azure together!

Thank you!



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