Tokyo Azure Meetup


Meetup_Logo_2015For last six months I have been running  new community event in Tokyo, Japan focused on Microsoft Azure.

We started in the beginning of the year and we already had 6 very successful events.

Our community grew to 184 members up to know and we are adding new people every month.

This is the URL of the meetup  Tokyo Azure Meetup .

There you can find information about the our events.

The main goals of Tokyo Azure Meetup is to:

  1. Gather people interested in cloud and especially  Microsoft Azure 
  2. Provide very practical knowledge (theory & demos) that can be easily applied in your daily work
  3. Learn from other unique experience
  4. Share your unique experience

I will be sharing more information for events here.

I want also to invite you to be our next speaker.

We have only 2 basic rules for our speakers:

  1. Present in English or Japanese
  2. Have a topic related to Microsoft Azure

You can have a talk from 5 to 60 minutes depending what suits you best.

We have our events in Microsoft Japan Office in Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan.

However, if you are not located in Japan we can have virtual session.

So, as you can see there is a lot of flexibility on our side.

If you are interested, please join Tokyo Azure Meetup and send me message there.

We started to add recording of the events to our YouTube channel

The presentations will be accessible in our SlideShare channel

Thank you and see you soon!



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