Introduction to Serverless Architectures with Azure Functions

Hello All,

We had 7-th edition of Tokyo Azure Meetup. Now we are making the event global – broadcasting live directly from Microsoft office in Shinagawa, Tokyo.

This time we talked about serverless architectures. We are in the middle of the next big shift in computing – completely abstracting the underlying infrastructure  and focusing 100% on the business logic.

Today we can create applications directly in our browser and leave the decision how they are hosted and scaled to the cloud provider. Moreover, this approach give us incredible control over the granularity of our applications since most of the time we are dealing with single function at a time.

In this meetup we covered the following topics:

• Microsoft Azure major updates for July

• Introduce Serverless Architectures

• Talk about the advantages of Serverless Architectures

• Discuss in details in  event-driven computing

• Cover common Serverless approaches

• See practical applications with Azure Functions

• Compare AWS Lambda and Azure Functions

• Talk about open source alternatives

• Expore the relation between Microservices and Serverless Architectures

You can find the presentation here:

And the recording can be found here:

We will be happy to have you as our guest speaker live or online.

Please contact me if you are interested!

Thank you!


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