Azure Durable Functions

Azure Functions allows you to use the power of Serverless to reduce significantly development time and enable in the same time shorter release cycles.

However, as we enter in the Serverless era the complexity increases as well. If we want to have Serverless-driven solution we will probably end up having hundreds and thousands of functions. How can we mange so many items in the best possible way? Azure Logic apps already provide great way of creating complex workflows that include Azure Functions. However, if we want to use the code as the main source of truth for the current state of our application, code-driven approach will be better.

Thus, Azure Functions offering was extended with Azure Durable Function – code-driven orchestrator functions  that help us coordinate easily the execution other functions.

You can find consice review of Azure Durable Functions in the presentation I showed during Tech Summit 2017, Tokyo:

Azure Durable Functions has a great documentation that can be found here  . Feel free to review the source code that can be accessed here.

In series of posts we will cover various topics for Azure Durable Functions. Feel free to contact me here or in twitter at @azurekanio

We are very interested to hear your requirements and how we can make you more successful with Azure Functions and Azure Durable Functions!

Thank you!


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